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Harold-Kuemmerlin In 1989, Harold & his wife Lila helped their daughter Lisa open Precious Memories Pet Cemetery and Crematory. For the first five years, Harold shouldered most of the duties at Precious Memories while Lisa was working at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Due to major health reasons in 2004 Harold reluctantly stepped back from day to day operations but continues to oversee maintenance of the grounds as well as the cremation equipment. He continues to enjoy mowing the cemetery on his Walker lawn mower during the summer months. As a master mechanic, Harold designed and built most of the machinery used at Precious Memories. He is constantly inventing and improving things to make life easier on the staff.

In his spare time, Harold enjoys watching sports, especially football. He is a big Bronco fan. He also spends time with Gretchen, a schnauzer who follows him around constantly. Over the years, many other pets have adopted Harold. They include: “Cinder” an Australian Shepherd, “Toro” a black lab (who migrated over from the neighbor’s house), “Spicy” a chihuahua, “Scooby” (who was nicknamed “Gumby”), and “Peanut” another chihuahua who was Harold’s constant companion.

A Fort Collins native, Harold was born in 1924. He graduated from Fort Collins High School in 1942 and entered the Army Air Corps (now the Air Force) in 1943. There, he trained as a pilot, flying the B-29 bomber aircraft. Upon leaving the service in 1946, He met Lila and they married in 1947. Harold entered the University of Nebraska and graduated in 1954 with a degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. In 1955, Harold started a dental practice and was a driving force in making dentistry more convenient and accessible everyone in Fort Collins area. He retired from his successful practice in 1975. From there he worked in banking and as a real estate broker. After enjoying great success in those areas he decided to try something new and went to work as a master mechanic for ESAB of North America, a company that specializes in welding and plasma cutting equipment. There, Harold oversaw the fabrication and installation of the machines.

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